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Highschool of the Dead

Post  B-rad on Fri Sep 10, 2010 5:33 pm

"Isn't that one of those zombie movies like 'Dawn of the Dead' or 'Land of the Dead'?" you ask? Nope, it's a new anime, and only 8 episodes out so far, it's quickly becoming worth the watch.

A personal fan of the zombie outbreak genre, I was at first skeptical when I heard they were gonna make a zombie anime, but Karu insisted I watch the first episode with him, and I must say, I'm hooked. Beautiful art-style...you know...except for the dead people...they look cool though, really zombie-like.

It's pretty Ecchi too: Breasts bouncing for seemingly no reason at all, needless lack of clothing for an entire episode, multiple love interests in the middle of a zombie apocolypse...that sort of thing. You know...anime.

Shotguns = Firearms + Holy damage. This makes them super-effective vs Undead.

---Start Spoiler---

The story follows a group of Highschool students in modern day Japan on their first day of their sophmore year (roughly, but not sure). Everything's going pretty bad for the protagonist Komuro, Takashi. He's just trying to get over his girlfriend dumping him for his best friend and brooding on the staircase on the side of the school when he notices a group of teachers approach the front gate to confront someone standing there.

The P.E. Teacher grabs ahold of the man through the bars, threatening him to make him leave and stop creeping out the students, only to be bitten on the arm. The infection happens incredibly fast, and the Teacher collapses in seconds. One of the teachers proclaim he's dead only to see him shoot back up and strike out at another one of them.

---End Spoiler---

Anyways, watch it, watch as the human race changes to the situation at hand. The walking dead begin their rampage, and human society crumbles and man turns against fellow man for the sake of survival, save for the elite, the brave, and the lucky.


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