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Sample calimon

Post  AlphaRosea on Thu Jan 07, 2010 1:14 pm

This topic follows up from another one in the Drawings board.
B-rad wrote:Oh really? A monster designer are you...? (Needs monsters in comic but is rather un-skilled in the art of monster-making) Though, I can't be having the cartoony-ness of the Pokemon series, I was wondering if you might post art/ideas for some of your more monstery-monsters. I'm rather interested in this little idea now... >_>

My concept, "Calimon (monsters of [planet] Calios)" was originally called "Dekamon (monsters of the decade)" and was invented around 2002. With help I devised several OCs and over 300 dekamon but the story didn't go on for long. I buried it within three years an tossed the books that contained all its information with the garbage during Christmas cleaning in 2006 or 2007 or even 2008.

"Calimon" is now somewhat between Pokemon and Digimon or should I say "it takes traits from both." For one: unlike Pokemon the monsters cannot talk an do not say their names when they speak anyway. And unlike Digimon most don't have human-like intelligence. However they can still be raised, trained and commanded like Pokemon. They can be kept in computerized crystal balls similar to pokeballs, but more than one can be contained depending on the ball's size (3', 5' or 7') an the monster's size. Contained monsters will manifest as encased statuettes in the ball. One at a time will show; one per monster; will change to another by scrolling on the ball or choosing through a holographic interface supported by the sci-fi aspect of my world.

A few calimon are fruit-like...but I don't tend to those too much. By the way, I tossed nearly all of those 300+ "dekamon" out and haven't really worked on replacing them. So I might only have about 10-20 monsters total including "salvaged" ones.

* One happens to be "Leopuff" a neutral-type lion-like one that ......can be easily taken for a stuffed animal (for one it coincidentally looks somewhat like Kon but fat and with a scarf). XD But it can evolve into a real lion-like monster, full-sized, menacing and all, taking on one of many types including fire, ice, demon and lightning-- like Eevee with its branched evolution.

* Another is "Sawdog," a metal-type calimon. Its center is a floating dog's head and neck in the fashion of the Knight piece on a chess board. This center is surrounded by thick, spinning saw blades like a gyroscope and it can generate more for attacking with. This calimon is not friendly at all. You'd have to be a real punk or even a psycho to have one of these on a leash. This idea's unfinished as I'm pondering whether to have one of its blades be a rolled up tail (an so on).

* I also have a bat-creature: demon & sky type with four eyes, four ears, a fox-like nose/snout and (originally) two tails. These also are very unfriendly and are territorial and will swarm.

* Now for a friendly one. An angel & sky type creature that's really docile and always can be seen in flocks, swimming through clouds like dolphins or like fishes jumping. It's a gigantic, pale-colored serpent with something on its head (can't decide whether just small wings or something coincidentally resembling a hollow mask), and with one or two pairs of wings. Their mouths never open but when one does reveal its massive fangs: if you thought angels were sissies you'll quickly change your mind.

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