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Post  B-rad on Thu Dec 24, 2009 4:41 am

List of games I currently own/play:

Gamertag: Seth Yuikora
Fable II- (Xbox 360) Kinda good, once you've beaten it, there's no real point/enjoyment in playing anymore.
Enchanted Arms- (Xbox 360) Meh...wierd J-RPG...
Dead Rising- (Xbox 360) Kill zombies with whatever you happen to find as a weapon. Good story and concept.
Dead Rising 2- (Xbox 360) Same concept, but multiplayer, even more likeable characters, and some semblance of a crafting system.
Ninja Gaiden II- (Xbox 360) Not highly recommended...
GTA IV- (Xbox 360) Shoot hookers, shoot cops, shoot thugs, shoot Roman...
Saint's Row 3rd- (Xbox 360) Same concept, but much more over-the-top. It's like GTA4 on crack.
Ace Combat 6- (Xbox 360) Fly around, shoot stuff, fly around again. Huge learning curve for online matches. You'll probably die...
Halo3 ODST- (Xbox 360) Run, jump, no dual-wielding, super-duper visor and story-mode. Firefight is laggy as balls.
Halo Reach- (Xbox 360) Felt like the same game to me but with jet-packs and sprinting. Better than ODST.
Call of Duty WaW- (Xbox 360) Recommended for those of you who like to shoot at your friends.
Devil May Cry 4- (Xbox 360) Not as good as number 3, but it's still alright since it's got Dante. No DLC that's worth anything though...
Armored Core For Answer- (Xbox 360) Recommended for those who like to build giant mechs.
Armored Core 5- (Xbox 360) Recommended for those who like to build slightly slower giant mechs and play constant clan-wars online.
Left 4 Dead 2- (Xbox 360) Zombies n guns n chainsaws n first-person n multiplayer.
TES: Oblivion- (Xbox 360) Recommended for those of you who've always wanted to go dungeon diving.
TES: Skyrim- (Xbox 360) Recommended for those of you who want to yell at dragons like a teurettified lunatic.
Mirror's Edge- (Xbox 360) The game sucks, don't get it...
Marvel vs. Capcom 3- (Xbox 360) would've been a great game if Ultimate didn't come out immediately after it with more stuff. I feel cheated.
Marvel vs. Capcom 2- (Xbox Live Arcade) Old-school goodness.
Skull Girls- (Xbox Live Arcade) Under-the-radar fighter with really well-drawn sprites. Good Street Fighter feel to it.
Worms- (Xbox Live Arcade) Tiny Weapons of goodness.
N+- (Xbox Live Arcade) Obstacle-avoiding goodness.
Castle Crashers- (Xbox Live Arcade) Sidescrolling goodness.
ZP2KX- (Xbox Live Indie Game) Multiplayer side-scrolling shooter. Addictive as hell.
Steam Name: sethyuikora
Left 4 Dead- (Steam, PC) See L4D2 above. It's like that, but not as much stuff...
Dragonica Online- (Free MMO sidescroller, PC) Recommended for those of you who like to grind on enemies with your friends.
M.U.G.E.N- (Freeware Fighting Game Engine, PC) Infinite Possibilities with this make-your-own fighting game engine.
Terraria- (Steam, PC) Build, scavenge, craft, kill monsters, multiplayer, boss-fights, side-scrolling, mayhem. Most-Played game recently.
Bleach: Dark Souls- (DS)
Megaman ZX- (DS) Recommended for Megaman fans who like versatility in their games.
Kingdom Hearts: CoM- (GBA)
Megaman Zero- (GBA) Recommended for those of you who've played the Megaman X games
Megaman Zero 2- (GBA) Recommended if you liked Megaman Zero
Megaman Zero 3- (GBA) Recommended if you enjoyed Zero 2
Megaman Zero 4- (GBA) This one's HARD sometimes... XD
Devil May Cry- (PS2) Good action game that started a good franchise.
Devil May Cry 3:Special Edition- (PS2) Best game of the franchise impo.
Fatal Frame- (PS2) Gave me some good, cheap scares. I have to say I enjoyed this one in the dark of my room with nothing but the eerie glow of the TV.
Fatal Frame 2- (PS2) Haven't beaten it yet, too freaked out/complicated. XD
Fatal Frame 3- (PS2) Refuse to play it without beating number 2 first!
Kingdom Hearts- (PS2) Great 3D runaround game. Disney and Square teamed up for something unique and entertaining.
Kingdom Hearts 2- (PS2) Recommended, plain and simple. Takes a darker turn on the KH series, but still keeps with the idea of Light.
Onimusha- (PS2) I'm a Capcom whore by nature, and I like samurai and zombie slaying, soooo yeah...worth a look, it's the first game in a good story.
Megaman X8- (PS2) Recommended if you enjoy the Megaman games, but want an easier way to play them.

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Post  Julia on Wed Dec 30, 2009 6:42 am

You play too much Megaman.... *doesn't like Megaman* Though, Left 4 Dead was pretty awesome. I'm glad JImmy was nice enough to let me play it on his Xbox 360. Now I need to get a XBox 360....

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