Limitless RP: Unknown

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Limitless RP: Unknown

Post  Lews on Wed Oct 28, 2009 7:52 pm

((OOC: I figured i'd start a Limitless RP to start things off in this section. If i'm doing something wrong please say something or change it.))

The night was quiet with the exception of rushing water flowing down the river. Although there was a Full moon out, only patches of the light penetrated the thick canopy of the surrounding forest. 'Close. Perhaps I should pay a visit...', the man thought to himself as he stared up into the foliage of the hill in which his former home resided. A sudden splash broke his concentration. A quick glance towards the river proved his suspicion; Standing on far bank was a mother wolf and it's two pups. 'It seems they've found dinner..' He acknowledged as he soon heard sounds of ripping and chewing. More splashes were heard over the next few minutes, although it had seemed that many of the fish had managed to escape the wolves' grasp. The man brought himself to his feet and grabbed the remains of his meal which had now gone cold. He tied a rock to the three remaining fish he was saving for his breakfast. Fish was the only abundant wildlife in the area, even hunters had stopped coming here for venison. "Enjoy it." He said out loud as he tossed the fish across to the far bank. The wolves did not look surprised as they quickly divided and tore into the gift. After a slight smirk, the man walked back to his camp and sat down propped against a tree. A shiver ran down his spine; as he exhaled he could see his breath floating through patches of moonlight penetrating the canopy, it was abnormally cold tonight. Complete darkness finally consumed his mind as he drifted into a deep sleep.

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Re: Limitless RP: Unknown

Post  B-rad on Sat Nov 21, 2009 6:03 am

((I guess I'll join in as Seth since I don't wanna leave you hanging here alone forever. That's okay right?))

The woods were cold, the river ran quickly down it's destined path. Seth had stayed in town too long and was unable to make it back to his home in the forrest by sun-down. It was not too much further, however, he was frustrated that he wasn't there yet, complaining as he walked.

"First the guy at the gate calls me short! Then I get to the butcher's shop and he says he's out of pork! Now I'm walking through the woods at ni--ACK!" he tripped over something lying there on the ground. Recovering from the faceplant he'd just preformed, he jumped up in a frustrated fit of anger and kicked the unknown mass with all he had. Then he heard the grunting reply of pain coming from the sleeping man.

A look of surprise came over his face as the darkly dressed man stood to his full height, towering over the boy.


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