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Raizo Oosaka

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Character Name: Raizo Oosaka

Age: 52

Gender: Male

Personality: Raizo is a rather cold-natured man. He makes his decisions based on what he feels is best for the village as a whole rather than relying on what he feels is right. This can lead to some rash actions being taken on his part.

Appearance: Raizo stands around 5'5" with long brown hair and green eyes. His jaw-bones show now in his old age, and his back is covered in scars from battles long past. He is still, however, very capable in battle. He wears a light/dark blue kimono at all times with the Oosaka family crest embroidered in the back of a moon on the left side, and a sun on the right. The same symbol is worn around his neck.

Originating Region: Keihoset Forest, Shihana Village

Fighting Style: Bare-Handed power hitting with a mix of electrical elements to his blows.

Main Weapon: Right Hand

Sub Weapon(s): Electricity

Special Equipment: N/A

Special Attacks:
-Taiho (Canon): A straight blow with Raizo's hand or fist striking his opponent and sending them reeling backwards.
-Tenho (Heaven Canon): An upward version of Taiho which throws the opponent airborne. The attack can be used to transfer an electric field to the target that will cause lightning to strike as the target sails through the air.
-Raiho (Thunder Canon): A ball of lighning is thrown from Raizo's hands at high-speed.

Hyper Ability/ies:
-Gou Ten Raiho (Heaven's 5 Thunder Canons): A 5-shot successive Raiho. 5-second charge followed by a very high fire-rate of highly damaging electric projectiles.

Background Story: He is the village Chief of Shihana. His wife, Kyoko was killed in a raid 8 years prior. His only living relative now is his daughter Yuuki. The village elders are corrupt, and though he knows of their deciept, he is unable to deny them as their families assisted in bringing peace to the villages in the past. Most of them wish to see him fall and to usurp the chiefdom for themselves.

Raizo is guarded at all times by his two most capable hands Kanji and Yuichi. Raizo is growing old now and has been unable to loosen the hold the elders have on the village durring his time. His only hope now, is that his daughter will be stronger than he is and can unite the village under her influence so that it can prosper once again.

-Likes: Finding compromises that help everyone. Avoiding conflict.
-Dislikes: Punishing those who do not deserve it.

Hobbies: Carving

Affiliation: Shihana Village

Occupation: Shihana Ninja

Rank: Chief


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