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Kai Dillon

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Character Name: Kai Dillon

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Personality: Despises Crowds.  Always a bit of a lone-wolf.  Prefers to not get attention for anything he does, good or bad.  Can switch between smugly proud and dead serious in a heartbeat.

Blonde, spikey light-brown hair, Green eyes, Silver sword pendant around his neck, 5' 8".

Originating Region: Rufturf, Falborne Kingdom.

Fighting Style: First-Strike Wakizashi swordsman.  Kai specializes in a cross between Fencing and Batouken (From-the-Draw) fighting and accurately incapacitating or killing enemies before they have a chance to strike.  Though he uses an edged weapon, he tends to stab and pierce more-so than slash.

Main Weapon: Wakizashi he found as a boy on a trip with his father on a visit to the ninja of Shihana.

Sub Weapon: Sheath from the Wakizashi is used as a means of blocking attacks if needed.  In Kusanagi Form, Kai wields a sky-blue katana-like sword that has the ability to divide most anything it cuts.

Special Equipment: A pendant in the shape of a silver Magatama Bead around his neck, given to him from his father who went out on an expedition to the southern ruins. Holds within it an ancient spirit that he can release to use his Hyper Ability.

Special Attack(s)/Power(s):
---White Shadow:  A split-second dash forward that deals mild damage to all caught between the beginning and end of the cut.
---Sky Breaker:  Launch a single opponent into the air, and follow up with a series of slashes as you climb along with it, finishing with an overhead blow to send the enemy flying back down.
---Jigen-Tou:  Kai stabs forward with his blade, releasing a burst of energy from the point.  The attack can pierce iron if preformed right.  (basically an armour-ignoring critical hit)

Hyper Abilities:
---Kusanagi Form: Releases the soul of Kusanagi from his pendant, it transforms his clothes into a blue and gold outfit, and gives him a long, blue katana named "Kusanagi no Tsurugi".
---Point Sonic: While in Kusanagi Form, he possesses a more powerful cross between Sky Breaker and White Shadow which releases a radial sphere of energy, and anything within is cut asunder by this powerfully, fast-moving barrage of dashes and slashes finished by an explosive blade to the ground. Kusanagi Form is generally ended after this technique.
---Shinjutsu, Jigen-Tou: A much more destructive version of Jigen-Tou. This technique has more range than the original Jigen-Tou, but a longer charge-up time.  Strike the opponent with enough power to instantly kill.  This technique however, collapses the body of the user for a few seconds, (drains user to 1HP) and puts him in a stunned status as well as cancelling the Kusanagi Form.

Background Story: Kai used to live in Rufturf, the trade capital of Falborne Kingdom, at his mother's house. Kai grew up with his younger brother Max and tended to take care of him since his mother stayed at home to provide a living for the boys, and their father was an archaeologist and was usually away. Kai didn't have many friends growing up aside from Max, and so, his father would routinely bring the boys back treasures or trinkets from his trips to the different parts of the country.  One day his father brought home a pair of pendants.  One shaped like a Magatama and one like a Sword.  The golden Sword was given to Max and a blue Bead was for Kai.  The pendants were thought to be used for some ancient rituals in the past, but were obsolete compared to the new find that was uncovered by the workers at the site.  Soon after this present, Kai's attitude began to change for the worse.

By the time he was 19, Kai had become a powerful swordsman, and Max was following in his footsteps to become an even greater fighter.  One day, Kai was asked to run some supplies to his father at the excavation in the southern ruins.  It was a long trip, and Max couldn't accompany him due to the distance and the fact he had school to attend.  Kai soon went missing for 10 days.  He turned up wandering back into town in a crazed state.  The guards seized him after he drew his blade on one of them, and eventually released him to the hospital where he rested and spoke in his sleep the word "Freedom".  2 days later, Kai disappeared from his hospital bed, leaving the bodies of 14 guards that had been standing watch in pieces.  He has been missing since.

Likes/Dislikes: Kai generally enjoys small insignificant things like flowers alone in a desert or something similarly ironic.  He doesn't do well with crowds however, and tends to run away from people who pursue him.  There was a rich girl in town that seemed to have some delusions of a relationship with him.  He didn't like that at all.

Hobbies: Kai is a perfectionist, and everything he attempted he did so with his all.  From his swordsmanship to the occasional poem he'd write, he wouldn't do it if it wasn't as close to perfect as possible.

Affiliation: Kai's loyalties are in question to the Falborne Kingdom.  He is currently viewed as a traitor and a fugitive.

Occupation: Kai's whereabouts and occupation are currently unknown.

Rank: Fugitive, Murderer, Wanderer.

Extra content: Kai views Max as more of a rival than a brother.  Despite having years more experience, Kai has found himself at his limits fighting his brother in the past.  Though he would always win their sparring matches, Kai would never let it show that Max gave him as much trouble as he did.


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