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I have changed his name so many times that I can't even remember what it was the first time, so I came up with a whole new one....

Character Name: Kousuke Kitazawa

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Personality: Kousuke is a very quiet and shy person. But, when Yuuki gets herself into trouble (which is almost all the time), he is there to protect her and scold her.

Appearance: Kousuke has brown hair and brown eyes. He wears a red t-shirt and pair of black pants, along with vest that shows he is a ninja. He is about 6 feet tall.

Originating Region: Keihoset Forest/Shihana Village

Fighting Style: Kousuke will use ranged attacks usually. Keeping his distance and luring the enemy into traps placed with wire, bombs, and shuriken. His preferred close-ranged attack style is to use his Demon Tail/Devil Tail to threaten his opponent into moving away or risk being cut to shreds.

Main Weapon: Shuriken (multiple shapes and sizes)

Sub Weapon(s): Explosive/Poison/Smoke/Sleep Powder Bombs..

Special Equipment: He has a talking dog like Yuuki. Thread-like wire.

Special Attack(s)/Power(s):
-Shino Ago (Death Jaws): Kousuke quickly lays a mass of trip-wires around to ensnare enemies and set off various traps to damage them.
-Togeda'Tsu (Splinter Darts): Kousuke places a small explosive inside of his shuriken. The blade will detonate while flying and the fragments will scatter out.
-Oni no O (Demon Tail): Kousuke assembles a chain of Shuriken laced together with wire to be used as a whip.

Hyper Ability/ies:
-Akuma no O (Devil Tail): Kousuke laces poison-bombs into the end of his Demon Tail to wield it as a more deadly weapon which explodes into poison with each crack of it's whip-like body.

Background Story: Kousuke was born to a family that has been the body guards of the Chief and their family. Kousuke's father was Kyoko's (Yuuki's mom) bodyguard, and he went with his father everywhere so he could learn how to be a bodyguard. So, when Yuuki was born, he became her bodyguard.

When the Village was raided, his father died protecting him, Kyoko, and Yuuki, then Kyoko died protecting him and Yuuki. His mother and siblings are still alive.

-Likes: Yuuki, sweets
-Dislikes: Liars, perverts

Hobbies: He trains all the time and picks on Yuuki.

Affiliation: He will die before he can side with anyone (I am guessing). If he's not dead yet, he will side with whichever Yuuki sides with.

Occupation: Shihana Ninja

Rank: Bodyguard

Extra content: He dies protecting Yuuki which prompts her to train harder and become stronger.

Deviant Art: http://mewsage86.deviantart.com/
Fanfiction.net: http://www.fanfiction.net/u/526166/

This is where my stories are. There are some stories that are on deviant art that aren't on fanfiction.net and vice versa. My earlier stories are on fanfiction.net, but they aren't as good as my newer ones.

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