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Yuuki and Wolf (Bar Scene) Empty Yuuki and Wolf (Bar Scene)

Post  B-rad on Thu Dec 17, 2009 10:57 am

Here's a story that Julia wrote for the inevitable romance for Yuuki and Wolf. She wanted me to explain it to you all...so here goes: They go to a bar...aaaannnd...Yuuki's underage...there, explained. Anyways...here goes:

“Where are we going, Wolf?” Yuuki asked.
Wolf had Yuuki by the hand and was pulling her along a street filled with people.
“You’ll see,” Wolf said.
Yuuki sighed and allowed herself to be pulled along. It had been five months since her boyfriend, Kousuke, had died. She had disappeared for a couple months and came back a different person. They were currently spending the night in a village. Everybody else had gone off by themselves, and Yuuki was left with Wolf. Wolf had barely looked at Yuuki since she got back. She was a little confused by his behavior. The only clue she had was his face turned red every time he looked at her. She had this weird feeling that he liked her. But, that couldn’t be right.
“Wolf, are we there, yet?” Yuuki asked.
“Almost,” he said, turning to face her and grinning.
They walked for a few more minutes before they stopped in front of a building. As Yuuki looked at the big flashing lights, her eyes widened.
“You brought me to a BAR?” Yuuki asked.
“Yeah. I thought it would be nice,” Wolf said, running his hand through his hair. “Come on.”
He led Yuuki in and up to the bar.
“Hey, bar keep, can I get a bottle of vodka please?” Wolf asked.
“Is she 21?” the bar keep asked.
“No, but she won’t be drinking. She is here to keep me company,” Wolf said, pouring himself some vodka.
Yuuki didn’t say anything, and Wolf was a little curious as to why. He glanced over at her and gulped. She looked murderous. He braced himself for the explosion that was bound to happen.
“You brought me to a bar and you won’t even let me drink?” she asked calmly.
Wolf relaxed a bit when he saw that Yuuki wasn’t going to yell at him.
“Well, you are too young to drink,” Wolf said, taking a sip of his vodka.
The next thing he knew, Yuuki was beating him on the head with her sheathed katana.
“Ow! Yuuki, I’m sorry! Please give me a chance to explain!” Wolf called over the thudding sound of the katana hitting his head.
Yuuki stopped beating him, but she looked livid.
“If I don’t like your explanation, I will kill you,” Yuuki said. “So, it better be good.”
Wolf gulped again as he looked at her livid features. She was still beautiful, even when she was pissed off at someone.
“Well, um, it’s just that, um, I wanted to spend time with you,” Wolf said, blushing slightly.
He watched as Yuuki’s face relaxed and she smiled, then her face turned into a mask of anger.
She pulled out her sheathed katana and started to beat him upside the head again.
“Ow! Yuuki, I told you the truth! I really do like spending time with you. I never get to spend time alone with you, and this seemed like the best method!” Wolf cried, holding his hands above his head.
Yuuki stopped beating him and looked down at him. She put her katana back on her back and sat down. Wolf straightened up and looked over at Yuuki. Even though she had calmed down, she still looked murderous. She must have felt his eyes on her, because she turned to look at him, and Wolf froze. Her green eyes seemed to have a red tint to them.
‘Oh no,’ Wolf thought. ‘I have really pissed her off this time.’
He couldn’t look away from her. She narrowed her eyes when she saw him looking at her.
“Why don’t you take a picture? It will last longer,” she said, looking away from him.
He shook his head and looked over at the bar keep. He mouthed something to him and the bar keep got him a glass full of something to drink.
“Here, Yuuki, have some vodka,” Wolf said, handing her the drink.
“Really? Are you serious?”
“Yeah, go ahead,” he said, knowing he would regret this.
Yuuki took it and took a sip. She seemed to freeze, then she lowered her glass and gave a murderous look to Wolf, then she exploded.
She threw the glass of water across the bar and it hit a random guy hitting on a woman. He looked around to see who threw it and saw Yuuki. He swaggered over and leaned against the bar.
“Hey, girlie, you threw that glass at me, didn’t you? Maybe you should apologize to me. I can think of a few ways that you can apologize to me,” he said.
Yuuki turned to look at him, and the man looked frightened when he saw Yuuki’s face. A sweat drop formed on Wolf’s head as he watched the man inch slowly from Yuuki, then ran for the door. She turned away from him and looked down at the bar.
“I still don’t see why you brought me here. It doesn’t make any sense,” Yuuki said.
Wolf smiled slightly at the look on Yuuki’s face.
“I told. I brought you here so we could spend some time alone,” Wolf said.
She looked over at him and raised an eyebrow.
“Well, if you want to continue spending time with me, then you better stop doing things that will make me kill you,” she said, smiling.
Wolf laughed nervously and took a sip of vodka.
“I do these things on purpose, you know. I do it because I know it makes you yell at me. And for some really odd reason, I like it when you yell at me,” Wolf said, looking a little sheepish.
“So basically, you are telling me that when I yell at you, it turns you on?” Yuuki asked a little shocked.
“In a way, I guess. I can’t explain it.”
“You’re a pervert!” Yuuki yelled, jumping up.
She ran to the door and went outside. The night had gotten a little cooler and it felt good on her face. Her face felt warm. She didn’t know why. Her heart was beating a little faster that didn’t have anything to do with running.
“Yuuki!” Wolf yelled behind her. “Wait!”
Yuuki ran faster. She didn’t want to see the pervert. He caught up with her and grabbed her arm and turned her around so she was looking at him. They stood there a few minutes before Wolf kissed her. Yuuki had no time to react. Her eyes remained open as he kissed her. He pulled away from her and saw the look on her face.
“You… you kissed me,” Yuuki said.
“I’m sorry,” Wolf said. “Let’s just go back to the bar, ok.”
Yuuki nodded and let Wolf lead her back to the bar. She was in shock. She didn’t know what to think. She just decided to see where it would lead her.

Yuuki and Wolf (Bar Scene) Bradmi10

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Yuuki and Wolf (Bar Scene) Empty Re: Yuuki and Wolf (Bar Scene)

Post  Julia on Fri Dec 18, 2009 4:48 am

I love that story. I want to write some more. You forgot that I wrote this story for you, darling. <3

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