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Well, I have another one... Actually, my list has 100+ on it, so I will share another one. This is called NANA. It's about 2 girls, one named Komatsu Nana and the other named Osaki Nana (yes, Yuuki's name sounds close to hers). They are both 20 and they are both moving to Tokyo. Nana O is moving to Tokyo to be a famous singer and Nana K is moving to Tokyo to be with her boyfriend. Somehow, by fate, they end up sharing a flat together. Over the course of living together, they learn a lot about themselves and each other. I suggest watching it, but it's a little on the mature side because of sex. No, it's not a hentai, so, it is OK, there is just a little bit. The manga is still going right now, and from what I heard, Nana O is going to be faced with tragdey.

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This is where my stories are. There are some stories that are on deviant art that aren't on and vice versa. My earlier stories are on, but they aren't as good as my newer ones.

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