Fort Hood Killing Spree

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Fort Hood Killing Spree

Post  B-rad on Fri Nov 06, 2009 11:01 am

Randomly yesterday on the largest US Army Base in the world, Fort Hood TX, Major Nidal Malik Hasan, US Army, decides he is going to go postal and whip out dual pistols and start wasting fellow soldiers and their family members. He has managed to (as by my most recent count) kill 12 people and injure 31 others.

The news stations have really screwed this one up, and as far as I can tell, none of the information they are releasing is completely accurate as they keep repeatedly changing what they say every hour or so. At first, he killed 13 people and injured 40 something others, then it turns to him being one of the 13 killed as police "shoot him to death", then it turns out that he was never killed, but just "got shot a bunch of times". Then they said that he was "being interrogated by the police" and I just stopped listening after that, because if you've "been shot a bunch of times", then you'll be in a hospital bed...uninterrogatable.

There has also been speculation as far as how many shooters there were, first there were 3 shooters, then 1 shooter and 2 suspects, then 2 suspects in custody being interrogated, then there were 0 suspescts, then they released 1 of the two suspects meaning that the two suspects existed again...I stopped listening at this point as well...

Finally, they were arguing about what caused a Doctor in Mental Health to completely snap and start killing off his co-workers and innocent bystanders. Some say he had a change in religeous practice and went all Radical, others claim that he was the victim of racial slurrs, then others say that he wasn't the one being slurred but HE himself was saying them to other people. Then came the point where the newscasters would randomly bludgeon you with the fact that the guy graduated from "VIRGINIA TECH!!!" (I swear it's like they're trying to put blame on the school or something). Then it was a bad evaluation he recieved over a year ago, then they brought up the fact that he had just recieved orders to be shipped out to Iraq, and he was on drugs when he started shooting.(they seem pretty decisive in the opinion that he didn't like this at all and the drugs are what pushed him over the edge).

All in all, the news has been trying to make this seem like the worst case scenario and are picking apart the story like vultures. I doubt they'll have the whole, true story within the week, so I'm just not gonna watch the news until they finally figure out how much of the truth they can tell us while still making good ratings...

Sorry just felt like ranting a little. This guy was a shit-bag, no doubts there, and in my opinion, anyone who can just off and shoot someone without a fear for their life or the lives of others should get the same punishment, especially when said person does it intentionally without remorse for what he has done. If he does show signs of remorse, then they should take him around to each of the victims and the victims' families and have him appologize to each and every one of them for ruining their lives or attempting to take them. There is alot I'm willing to forgive as a human being, however, if someone were to randomly take the lives of someone dear to me, there would be hell to pay, namely me myself going just a little crazy on that person for 2-5 minutes before the police finally manage to pry me away from the prick.

Good luck in prison Major, I'll be praying that you find need him in your me...


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