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Character Name: Lews

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Personality: While upon looking at Lews, one would think he was sinister man, even once labled a demon upon his visit to a small village who had only caught a glimpse of him as he passed through, Lews is actually very kind and respectful, Quiet, and usually plans things out before taking action or speaking. Somewhat ignorant to recent world-events and slangs. He finds it hard to ignore women in distress.

Appearance: Roughly 6ft tall, Dark-red hair - Shoulder length, Blue-grey eyes, No visible scars. Average build, Wears a Dark blue kimono with no symbols or markings. Also wears a purple-beaded bracelet on his right wrist in memory of his only friend.

Originating Region: North-east of Oosaka Village deep in the wilderness.

Fighting Style: Samurai/Ronin. Different styles are used in different situations.

Main Weapon: Bokken - Left Waist. Previously Elenya's. Made from a very rare species of tree.

Sub Weapon(s): Nodachi - Back.

Special Equipment: Satchel - Right Waist. Contains various rations/medicines as well as a list of names. No one has seen this list but Lews himself.

Special Attack(s)/Power(s): Very agile, can jump/fall farther than average people. None of his ablities have names, only known by execution. Can sense the aura of people which display emotions or killing intent, though he chooses to ignore it half the time.

Hyper Ability/ies: None.

Background Story: Raised in the thick forests near Oosaka, Lews was very out-of-touch with modern society. However he was not alone, a small community had developed in the isolated wilderness. Lews trained alongside his childhood friend Elenya, his would-be future wife, in many fighting styles before they both mastered the most fitting one; While this style was never given a name, It was very rare for anyone to master it. During the summer of Lews' 17th year, Ninjas attacked his village. After seeing his only friend be slain, he dug her and the rest of the villagers graves in the center of the village then set out to hone his skills and to seek revenge.

Likes/Dislikes: Likes: Respectful people, wilderness, finishing a job, working alone.
Dislikes: Thieves/Crooks, Cheap tricks, Being the center of attention, killing people.

Hobbies: Reading, listening to tales, training.

Affiliation: Having grown up with little-to-no contact with major powers in the region, Lews swears no oath to anyone but himself and the job he has taken.

Occupation: Odd jobs while traveling such as guarding caravans or physical labor, Proficient in Woodworking and Blacksmithing.

Rank: N/A

Extra content: After witnessing the death of his villagers and best friend, Lews decided to leave his birthplace to find answers, and the culprits. He fights with a Bokken(a wooden sword). Killing isnt a fun thing to do for Lews, and only does it when he has no other options. The Nodachi on his back is rarely used and is usually wrapped up in dark-blue cloth.
Has been wandering from place to place hunting people on his list and has wandered far from his pervious home.

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Look out Julia! Looks like we've got a ninja-hating character joining Limitless RP! XD

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