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Official Timeline (As of 9/16/2017) Empty Official Timeline (As of 9/16/2017)

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--------Timeline of major Events in the Crossing Dreams Storyline---------

1000 Years Prior
---Massive cataclysm wipes out civilization on Allura

400 Years Prior
---Nomadic people arrive on the northern shores of Allura, more or less shipwrecked and unfunded in any way. They are
sepparated from the rest of Allura by a dense mountain range that spans the entire stretch of the island and tend to stay
close to home.
---Wild animals and Monsters inhabiting the island make life difficult for generations, but make the survivors strong.

150 Years Prior
---Pilgrims arrive on Allura's eastern shores, building a small town and temple (eventually becoming the Arcane Democracy)

149 Years Prior
---Pilgrims attempt to spread out and create new towns along the eastern coast.
---New, low population towns are attacked by monsters frequently.
---With no proper weapons to defend themselves, the Pilgrims retreat to their temple where their larger population seems to
deter any more attacks.

148 Years Prior
---Clans of Settlers arrive on the western shores of Allura (eventually the Ninja of the forest)
---Clans begin building small farming towns.
---Clans fend off monsters with weapons brought for hunting.

146 Years Prior
---Clans begin crafting their tools to also be useful as weapons in the event of monster attacks.

130 Years Prior
---More Settlers arrive on the wester shores, intent to conquer (Eventually the Falborne Kingdom)

125 Years Prior
---The Clans are pushed back into the forest as the Falborne Army presses their well-funded advance.
---Falborne army wipes out much of the wildlife, forestry, and monsters in the western plains area during their campaign.

120 Years Prior
---Falborne King Reginald the 2nd moves to Allura to his newly built castle in the western plains region.

119 Years Prior
---The Arcane Democracy is officially born after being abandoned by their host country for their practice of magic which has
been recently outlawed. Due to the desire to continue the pursuit of magic and their location in an undeveloped country,
they are more or less abandoned to their fate.
---The main city of the newly formed Democracy is renamed to "Avalon"
---Being far removed from the fighting in the west, the Scholarly Pilgrims keep to themselves and study.

118 Years Prior
---Death of the Falborne King Reginald the 2nd in battle.
---His son, Reginald the 3rd is crowned at age 44.
---Fighting ceases between Falborne Kingdom and Ninja Villages
---Relations with Falborne home country break down with news of the King's death.

117 Years Prior
---Peace Treaty finally brings war between Falborne Kingdom and Ninja Villages to an end officially
---Borders are drawn for the explored areas of the continent, determining land claim and ownership, dividing the western
plains in half. North for the Falborne and South for the Ninja.
---With access to the mountains to the north, the Falborne Kingdom immediately sets up mining operations in full swing.

114 Years Prior
---Prices of metals has skyrocketed for the Ninja as the southern half of the country had far less ore than expected during
the signing of the peace treaty.
---Coup staged in Falborne home country. Civil unrest in Capital city.

113 Years Prior
---Talks of revising borders are presented on behalf of the Ninja Villages to the Falborne Kingdom
---Border Revisions are immediately disregarded as more towns are being build to stretch to the east
---Civil War for independence in Falborne home country.
---Falborne Army mobilizes to deal with insurrection in home country.

111 Years Prior
---Falborne home country Coup successful with the defeat of mobilized army.
---King Reginald the 3rd has lost rule over his country of origin and warned not to enter on penalty of death.
---Without the men or resources to take back an entire country from his own people, King Reginald cuts ties with home
country, deciding to start fresh in his new home of Allura.

110 Years Prior
---Construction of the Falborne City of Rufturf Begins

109 Years Prior
---Prices of crops and artisan goods increases dramatically for the Falborne Kingdom, not having the agricultural talent the
Ninja Villages possessed to feed their hungry. In order to make up for their need of expensive metals, the Ninja began
selling crops at an increased price.

108 Years Prior
---Falborne Kingdom stumbles upon "Wild People" in the northern mountains while mining

106 Years Prior
---Increased sightings of the Northern Tribesmen has led to unrest in the Falborne Kingdom
---Kingdom has begun trading to the far east with the growing Arcane Democracy for food

105 Years Prior
---Knowledge of magic has begun reaching the citizens of the Kingdom through here-say
---Expedition sent from Falborne Kingdom to the northern reaches of Allura to make contact with Tribesmen.

104 Years Prior
---Small band of survivors return from expidition to the north. Claim relations broke down with Tribesmen and they became
violent. The Tribesmen claimed the Kingdom did not respect the land and reaped its bounty without reason or thanks.

102 Years Prior
---Knowledge of magic has begun reaching the Ninja Villages
---Trading between Ninja and Democracy begins immediately
---Surprise discovery of new highly reactive ore by Falborne Kingdom. Ore dubbed "Coronium"

101 Years Prior
---Warbands of Tribesmen attack the Falborne Kingdom during the nights.
---Warbands are met with heavy resistance of armored knights and driven back to the north.
---Mining operations of Falborne Kingdom grind to a halt for fear of further Tribesmen attacks.

100 Years Prior
---Price of metals skyrocket for entire continent due to mining upset
---Construction begins on a fortress to the north for soldier stationing and miner protection.

99 Years Prior
---Ninja begin moving further into the Keihosest forest to the east before heading north in hopes of establishing mining
operations of their own outside of pre-established borders.

98 Years Prior
---Ninja mining operations begin.
---Ninja ambassadors sent to the north to improve relations with offerings of food and crafts.
---Amassadors return unharmed with news that they would not be hindered in their operations.

97 Years Prior
---Occasional trading begins between Ninja and Tribesmen
---Construction of Falborne Mining Fortress completes and is fortified with soldiers.
---Mining operations for Falborne Kingdom resume under watch of armed guards.
---Occasional fighting between Kingdom and Tribesmen.

96 Years Prior
---Relations between Kingdom and Ninja begin to break down due to conflicting stances on the Tribesmen.
---Prices of trading between Kingdom and Ninja increase dramatically, affecting the prices for the Democracy and Tribesmen.

94 Years Prior
---Isolated incident of Knights attacking Northern Merchants en route to Ninja Village mistaken for a Warband.
---Relations between the Ninja and Kingdom plummets.
---Falborne King Reginald the 3rd falls from a balcony and dies, his heir, Reginald the 4th, is crowned at the age of 20.

93 Years Prior
---Warband activity increases drastically with news of the Merchant Slaughter at the kingdom's hand.
---Falborne mining sites are attacked daily and meticulously.
---Warbands began using distration tactics to draw away soldiers before striking at the unguarded miners.
---Survivors of Warband attacks claim some of the Tribesmen wielded strange magics.
---Relations between Kingdom and Democracy drop due to mistrust.
---Price of metals increase for all but Ninjas who do not quarrel with the Tribesmen.
---Trade booms for Ninja Villages as they grow and expand further towards the central forest for easier access to trade
routes and mining while simultaneously distancing themselves from the Falborne Kingdom and it's fight with the Tribesmen.

90 Years Prior
---King Reginald the 4th is Assassinated by an unknown assailant at the age of 24. Reginald the 5th is crowned King at the
age of 6. His mother, Queen Tabitha, assumes rule in his stead due to his young age.
---Tension and unrest in the Kingdom has peaked.

89 Years Prior
---Warband attacks again reach the villages of the Kingdom. Strange magics used by the Tribal Shamans overwhelm the less
experienced soldiers guarding the towns, resulting in many casualties.
---Mining operations again come to a halt as the Knights in the Northern Fortress disperse to help guard the towns.
---Constant attacks from Warbands, now fully at war with the Kingdom.
---Arcane Democracy is attacked by a large, previously unseen monster. Damage is severe, with many casualties.
---Massive monster dubbed "Gigahemoth" is defeated with the use of "Golems" created by the Democracy for manual labor.

88 Years Prior
---Knight's Accademy established in Kingdom for recruiting and training advanced soldiers.
---Draft implemented for able-bodied men in the Kingdom to fight the Tribesmen.
---Extensive study on Gigahemoth's remains lead Arcane Democracy to many breakthroughs in magic theory.
---Arcane Democracy begins producing multiple types of Golems from various materials such as iron and obsidian.

87 Years Prior
---Army of freshly trained Soldiers led by Knights advance to the North to engage the Tribesmen directly.
---Falborne Army is met with fierce resistance and geurilla tactics.

85 Years Prior
---Falborne Army depletes its resources and retreats, unable to meet their threat head-on.
---Falborne trading port town Everpece Harbor begins heavy exports of Coronium.
---Arcane Democracy begins capturing monsters of the land to use in experiments. Earning great knowledge in the workings of
magic from their studies.

83 Years Prior
---Massive Offensive of Falborne Army to the north.
---Falborne offensive sweeps mountains slowly, gaining sparse, small victories.
---Queen Tabitha falls ill, but continues to lead army.
---Ruins of ancient civilization discovered in the southwest of the country.
---Arcane Democracy begins building other villages further south, and showing great interest in visiting the ruins in the

82 Years Prior
---Queen Tabitha dies of illness, leaving Reginald the 5th as Head of State at the age of 14.
---Lack of training and experience prove excessive for the new King.
---Ninja Villages begin denying trade with the Kingdom due to their heavy offensive with the Tribesmen.

81 Years Prior
---Falborne Army's resources dwindle.
---Tension runs high between Ninjas and Falborne Kingdom.

79 Years Prior
---Sizeable portion of Falborne Army returns from the north.
---Falborne Knights attack a Ninja Village south of the Castle, killing all residents.
---A fake assassination of a noble is staged as justification for the unprovoked attack.
---The village is siezed and plundered for its crops and metals.
---Ninja ambassadors sent from other villages are captured and publicly executed.
---Falborne Kingdom and Ninja Villages now at war.

78 Years Prior
---Ninja and Tribesmen have allied against the Falborne Kingdom for mutual protection.
---Arcane Democracy has begun expeditions to the southwest desert to study ruins.

75 Years Prior
---Seeking refuge from the war, Falborne citizens began migrating south, through the monster-rich desert, and built a few
small fishing villages along the southwestern coast.

74 Years Prior
---Ninja Villages agree to not attack the newly formed Fishing Villages and maintain their neutrality.
---Ninja begin migrating to these Fishing Villages to escape fighting and assist in defending against monsters.

73 Years Prior
---Falborne Army retreats fully from the north after attaining some measure of victory against the Tribesmen.
---Fully assembled, the Falborne Army strikes against the remaining Ninja Villages in the Plains Area.

72 Years Prior
---After extensive fighting, the Ninja have been outmatched by the advance of the Falborne Army and pushed back to the
Keihoset Forest.
---The Falborne Kingdom siezes their farms and villages on the Plains and begins inhabiting them with their own farmers.
---Tribesmen have reassembled their forces and began recieving Coronium Ore from the Ninja Villages to use as weapons.

71 Years Prior
---Tribesmen attacks on Falborne mines increase drastically, with strategic placement of powered Coronium to detonate and
cave in mine shafts.
---Falborne mining initiative cancelled and mines are completely abandoned.
---King Reginald 5th begins borrowing resources from overseas to assist in his war, trading for hefty ammounts of coronium.

68 Years Prior
---Pirates begin attacking the increased shipments to the Falborne Kingdom.
---Pirates occasionally harass Fishing Villages to the southwest, but are appeased by food and drink.
---Falborne offensive against Ninjas and Tribesmen breaks down with limited resources.

65 Years Prior
---Residents of Fishing Villages assist Pirates in the construction of a SeaFort in the southeast of Allura in exchange for
---Ninja begin counter-attack against Falborne Kingdom by burning their previously inhabited villages to the ground.
---Falborne Kingdom begins crafting coronium-powered explosives of their own.
---King Reginald the 5th dies of heart failure at age 31, the cause of which could not be determined. Heir Reginald the 6th
crowned at age 4. With no mother or siblings to assist in his rule, Reginald the 6th was little more than a puppet to the
nobles and army leaders at first.

64 Years Prior
---Great Keihoset Forest Fire started from a large battle in the forest caused by misuse of coronium.
---Traveling mages assisted in putting out the fires using complex formulae and magic circles to produce water and earth
---Battle ends as all forces scramble and band together to control the massive blaze for weeks.
---Fire is extinguished with 40% of the western forest being decimated, taking 4 Ninja villages with it.
---Terumi Clan completely wiped out.
---Getsuki Clan completely wiped out.
---Saiga Clan nearly wiped out.
---Shihana Clan relatively unscathed.
---Ebiha Clan untouched.
---Ceasefire called to assess losses.

63 Years Prior
---Ceasefire ends immediately following winter.

62 Years Prior
---Ninja Villages, suffering heavy losses, reach out to the Pirates and Mages for assistance.
---Pirates show no interest in a private war.
---Mages also have no interest, but some mages agree to assist the Ninja based on their good history together.
---Mages prove slow and clumsy with no military training, and after a few early victories, their spells are too inefficient
to use on the battlefield further.
---Relations between the Kingdom and Democracy begin to crumble as these freelance fighters are seen as a direct attack by
the mages.
---Tribesmen also bolster the ranks of the east, reinforcing the ninja of the forest and teaching them how to live off the
land, how to blend in with their surroundings, and teaching some even how to communicate with the spirits of the earth.
---Ninja leaders learn to better understand the nature of magic.

60 Years Prior
---A professor of the Arcane Democracy develops a method of casting spells without excessive concentration and very little
training. Utizing specially crafted "Runes", one could command the elements in very simple ways.
---Arcane Democracy begins construction of a new town near the Keihoset Forest named "Turmis"
---Falborne Kingdom sees the construction of the town so near their enemy as a declaration of war.
---Falborne Kingdom declares war on the Arcane Democracy (So effectively everyone except the Fishermen at this point).
---Falborne Army attacks unsuspecting mages near southern ruins, killing them all.

59 Years Prior
---"Eastern Alliance" formed between the Northern Tribesmen, Arcane Democracy, and Ninja Villages.
---"Rune Mages" introduced to the battlefront by the Arcane Democracy as their first real addition to the war.
---Rune Mages prove highly effective, tossing their elemental affinities with significant speed and accuracy. Though they
did run out of energy quickly through over-exertion and lack of formal training.
---An elder Ninja in Ebiha Village learned to harness his inner energy in the form of "Ki". Though not as flashy as magic,
it was an edge the Ninja would need to best the Falborne Kingdom's great numbers and weaponry.
---School of Ki control formed almost immediately with many ninja being trained to harness this inner power.
---Elders of the Ebiha clan begin dabbling in the mystic arts in secret to determine the relationships between Ki and Magic.

58 Years Prior
---Ki is discovered to be highly flexible in its applications.
---Many sub-schools begin teaching its use in other villages.
---Battles begin turning in favor of the Eastern Alliance.

57 Years Prior
---Falborne Kingdom manages to learn the basics of Ki and Magic from captured enemies and defectors.
---A few Falborne Knights were selected to train with Ki control, becoming the Lions of Falbor.
---A group of Knights was also selected to learn spells as well as swordplay, being dubbed Eagles of Falbor.

53 Years Prior
---The Falborne Lions and Eagles join in the war, bringing 4 years of training and experience to the front. The small
advances of the Alliace over the past 4 years were quickly redacted with the addition of these new Ki Swordsmen and Spell
---King Reginald witnesses a captured Tribesman Shaman produce a poisonous gas from his mouth which killed a guard. Thinking
back to his father's unexplained assassination, he became terribly paranoid that his father had been killed by a mage or
shaman in an untraceable way, and that he may follow the same fate.
---King Reginald assumes immediate control over his kingdom from the nobles at age 17.
---King Reginald bans any use of magic within the Falborne Capital on penalty of death.
---Training for Falborne Eagles relocated to the Northern Mining Fortress to abide by anti-magic law.

--------Begin Flashback Period--------

52 Years Prior
---Raizo Oosaki is born in Ebiha Village.

50 Years Prior
---Lance Kasu is born in Falborne Capital.

49 Years Prior
---Kyoko Shinden (eventually Kyoko Oosaki) is born in Shihana Village

46 Years Prior
---Elise Glade is born in Falborne Capital.

43 Years Prior
---Falborne Kingdom attacks Ebiha Village.
---Battle of Ebiha Village takes place.
---Kyoko is protected by Raizo, who is her bodyguard's son while she is visiting Ebiha.
---Both of Kyoko's parents are killed during the fighting (it is later discovered the Elders of Ebiha village used the attack
on the town as an opportunity to murder them).
---Raizo's mother is killed during the fighting.
---Raizo's father is injured, but makes a full recovery after a few weeks.
---Kyoko returns to Shihana village with Raizo and his father swearing a life-debt to her as payment for their failure.

40 Years Prior
---Hawk Yuikora is born in Shihana Village.

39 Years Prior
---Alice Falk is born in Avalon.

35 Years Prior
---Secret ritual preformed on Alice Falk with permission of her father Alastor with the goal of creating a perfect battle-

28 Years Prior
---Hawk is exiled from Shihana Village due to his Falborne mother's lineage at age 12.
---Hawk is taken in by an old man named Delreed in the City of Turmis and taught basic Ki Control.

27 Years Prior
---Hawk and Delreed travel to the Falborne Kingdom in search of Hawk's relatives, starting in the City of Rufturf
---Rufturf is attacked by Battlemages, Hawk and Delreed caught in the crossfire.
---Battle of Rufturf takes place.
---Hawk joins forces with a Knight named Lance Kasu and defeats a Master Magician named Morris.
---Western District of Rufturf is annihilated.
---Lightfoot Militia is formed by Gen Redford with permission from Lance to use the armory.
---Sir Crowe and Gen manage to hold off the attack on the Central District while Sir Vincen and the Lightfoots circle around
through the sewers to flank the attacking mages.
---Hawk and Lance manage to single out and stall High Master "Firestorm" Alastor until morning when Falborne reinforcements
---Alastor retreats.

22 Years Prior
---Hikaru Saiga is born amidst a traveling caravan.
---Saiga Clan is all but wiped out aside from the surviving newborn.
---Hikaru is discovered by a man named Trine, a Lightfoot from Rufturf amongst the remains of some wagon.
---Hikaru's lineage is determined based on the Saiga crest strewn about the destroyed caravan.
---Hikaru's name is changed to Karu T'saiga by Trine upon adopting the child.

20 Years Prior
---Mysterious Swordsman saves Lance and Elise from a fatal encounter with the Thieves Guild.
---Justin Vincen is born in Rufturf.
---Kai Dillon is born in Rufturf.

19 Years Prior
---Keri Kazuri is born in Rufturf

18 Years Prior
---Max Dillon is born in Rufturf
---Eric Vincen is born in Rufturf

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