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Character Name: Rhyder (actual name is unknown even to him. "Rhyder" was the name given to him by the game store owner in Rufturf)

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Personality: Kept to himself, loyal. Can deal with people, but prefers not to.

Appearance: 5'10", Brown unkept hair, blue eyes. Leather Armor/Hood.

Originating Region: Unknown, he lives in Keihoset Forest. Lives off the land in a sort of stick-hut that he built and has improved over the years into a suitable living space.

Fighting Style: Assassin-like character. Father-taught spear combat and archery. Utilizes King as a lure to draw in or surprise and distract enemies. Well versed in traps and capable of using the environment to his advantage in most given situations (especially in a forest).

Main Weapon: Spear

Sub Weapon(s): Composite Bow

Special Equipment: Arrows. Has a light-gray pet wolf named "King" who acts as his partner in combat. King also caries around pouches and a spare quiver for quick-changing.

Special Attack(s)/Power(s): Natural abilty to control nature around him.

Hyper Ability/ies: None as of now. Will learn it later.

Background Story: He woke up one day in the forest with a vague memory of himself and his parents being attacked by an unknown creature. His memory was apparently damaged by the incident, because he was unable to remember anything besides his training with his father as a hunter. His training with his father enabled him to survive and thrive in his new habitat. Years later he has grown into a hunter and has befriended a rogue wolf with an odd scar in the shape of a crown, hence naming him "King". He occupies himself with hunting for food and profit.
Only his father and he were attacked and his mother is still in Artias Village somewhere
He was in the village and his mother and father were out hunting. He went out to them at night to get them and the attack happened. Father was killed(?) and mother was found injured outside Artias. Rhyder was attacked while still out looking for them and ended up closer to Rufturf and was found there.

Likes/Dislikes: Animals, Nature (not to the point of hugging trees)/Most uses of technology.

Hobbies: Fletching

Affiliation: Has a dislike for those destroying the forest (the Falborne Kingdom and Arcane Democracy), but understands that worse will come if the Rovans invade, and there may not be a forest left if they win. Would most likely side with the Falborne Kingdom.

Occupation: Hunter

Rank: Master

Extra content: None for now.


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