Ume Nakawara (in process)

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Ume Nakawara (in process) Empty Ume Nakawara (in process)

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Character Name: Ume Nakawara

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Personality: Ume is a very cold and heartless person. She finds happiness in making fun of other peoples misfortune. It was brought about because of her grandfathers position as an Elder of Shihana.

Appearance: She has mid back length brown hair. Her eyes are a very cold blue. She is just a few inches taller than Yuuki.

Originating Region: Keihost Forest, Shihana village

Fighting Style:

Main Weapon:

Sub Weapon(s):

Special Equipment:

Special Attack(s)/Power(s):

Hyper Ability/ies:

Background Story: Ume was brought up in a household that included her mom, dad, little brother and her grandfather. Because of her grandfathers postion as a Village Elder, she thinks that she is better than everyone else and that her family has the right to being the rulers of Shihana. (will add more later)

Likes/Dislikes: Likes: Misfortune and making fun of others.
Dislikes: Yuuki and her friends and family.

Hobbies: Making fun of others.

Affiliation: Not sure if it will be Shihana since she kills Kousuke.

Occupation: Ninja

Rank: Villager

Extra content:.

Deviant Art:

This is where my stories are. There are some stories that are on deviant art that aren't on and vice versa. My earlier stories are on, but they aren't as good as my newer ones.

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