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A list of monsters and creatures I intend to employ in the world of Allura.  Will change over time and will probably add sprites for each.

-----Beast-----  Roaming wildlife and common creatures.
-Black Bear-  Basic Bear type.  Slow moving, but deals heavy damage.  Relatively small.
-Grizzly Bear-  Much larger than Black Bears, Grizzlies usually live alone and deal much heavier damage on hit.  (Boss Character)
-Great Bear-  Very large, old bear.  This bear is an embodiment of nature and has inhabited the land for centuries.  It is more of a spirit than a creature, though it is capable of physical combat as well as mysticism. It represents power and freedom.
-Coyote-  Prominent in the desert and plains, they hunt in small packs to pick apart targets they see as vulnerable.
-White Coyote- A spirit animal that is the embodiment of lies and deceit. It would rather trick and kill than hunt it's own prey. Arguably the most intelligent spirit animal, it's nature has made it a shunned existence. It is said to invite ruin and illness.
-Fox-  A canine relying on it's wit and speed to avoid danger rather than fight head-on.  Capable in battle, the high intelligence of these creatures should not be taken for granted.
-Bii-Juu-  A fox that has grown an assortment of tails.  Wielding high levels of energy and intelligence.  This is a transient being that has the power to re-shape the world around it.
-Wolf-  A canine that hunts in a pack.  Though deadly on their own, they are always seen with at least 1 more wolf close-by.
-Black Wolf-  An ancient wolf, hunted by many, he is the only wolf in Allura to choose a life of solitude by himself.  He is said he is a sentient being, having high levels of intelligence and capacity for speech. Like the other spirit animals, he is a being that has lived a life longer than most trees. Though it can be killed, it will not die from old age. It's spirit represents endurance and guidance.

-----Hybrids-----  Compilations of different creatures by nature, science, curse, or sorcery.
-WereWolf-  Similar to wolves, these creatures are actually humans transformed by a curse.  Though their minds in this state are feral, some higher-level intellects can break loose from the primal mind-set and exhibit reason.  They stand bi-pedal and some even wear armor.
-Harpy-  Simple-minded, but dangerous, these bird-women hybrids are dangerous, especially in groups.  They prey on humans and livestock out of need of food or entertainment.
-Matriarch-  Far more cunning and powerful than a common Harpy, these majestic and often sadistic Harpies lead their respective colonies.  Their command of their flock is similar to a queen commanding her troops in battle.  They have potential to use magic.
-Lamia-  Half-snake, half-woman, these creatures are powerful and highly intelligent, even possessing magical affinities.  A race that breeds almost exclusively females and can live for hundreds of years.
-Arachne-  Cold and calculating, these half-human, half-spider creatures are swift and deadly.  They are created from the jealousy and vanity in humans that are cursed by a demon or deity.  Having high intellect, they have been known to approach humans in peace or disguise themselves as human, though their temperament can change in an instant from friendly to violent.
-Chimera-  A combination of creatures effectively fused into one body.  No Chimera has been created composed of creatures possessing heightened intelligence.  This lack of intellect is supposedly why they are always ferocious killing machines.

-----Elementals-----  Beings powered by elemental magics.  Commonly artificially created.
-Elementals-  A spirit of energy capable of using a respective element of it's type magic.  Not very powerful physically.
-Empowered-  A spirit that has been infused with high levels of energy.  Capable of using an element to it's fullest extent.
-Polarity-  This inversely powered entity can absorb one element completely and release it's opposite.  Fire for Ice and such.  This does however, leave them vulnerable to the element they generate.
-Patron Spirit-  An embodiment of a particular element.  Immortal and timeless, these elemental spirits are said to be linked fundamentally with their respective element.  In legend, these spirits are responsible for teaching humans to wield magics.  They are said to offer their aide to those worthy of it.
-Order-  Information not found.
-Chaos-  Information not found.

-----Fae-----  Those of nature and the like.  They shy from contact with others generally.
-Slime-  Generally small gelatinous masses, usually housing a nucleus as a 'heart'.  They are more or less a nuisance rather than a threat.  Though, they can be incredibly dangerous in large groups or if one of significant size were to surface.  They are able to change their body's acidity to consume prey.  Usually water based.
-Fairy-  Toddler mentality with magical powers, these creatures appear humanoid with some sort of wing apparatus extending from their backs.  Though usually quite small, there have been cases of adult human-sized fairies of high standing.  Fairies are often very helpful if giving advice, though they are just as likely to trick you than help you.
-Spriggan-  A Fae which is charged with the duty of restoring nature.  Though their origin is unknown, during the war in Allura, the northern Keihoset Forest was burnt to the ground by Rovan soldiers.  A legion of Spriggans sprang forth from the woods and decimated them within an hour before disappearing.  Wood-cutting has since become a very dangerous practice with Spriggan sightings becoming ever more common.  They are often seen planting seeds and tending to the forest.
-Nightmare-  A spirit commonly taking the shape of a young girl or a black horse.  They are highly active during the night.  Setting upon campers and capable of driving those of low willpower to insanity.  Thought to be ghosts originally, they have been reclassified with new information from other Fae.  It is said Nightmares feed on fear and anxiety, giving way to insanity.
-Banshee-  A fearsome creature capable of knocking one's soul out of their body with it's scream.  Wandering at night, these creatures are to be feared and avoided as their magic is powerful and it's limits are not yet known.

-----Fiends-----  Spooks, haunts, the lingering dead.
-Ghost-  A remnant of a dead soul.  These have no physical form, but posses the ability to cause harm living beings through contact if willed.  Magic is an effective defense from them.
-Specter-  A vengeful soul, capable of affecting the physical plane.  Specters are able to cast magic and animate objects in the environment.
-Gheist-  A mass of Specters merged together.  Extremely dangerous and capable of extreme harm to all who enter into their area.  (Boss Character)

-----Hellspawn-----  Creatures of a different realm, rarely seen outside of conjuration via Shadow Magic.
-Imp-  A weak demon of unremarkable lineage and power.  These can be summoned through Shadow Magic, and controlled to a certain extent by any competent mage.  Though, their minds are too powerful to completely control, and they are rumored to spy on their summoners for their demonic masters.
-Accursed-  A slave, more or less, to a greater demon.  They can be human, animal, or even deities.  The ranks of these are bolstered by Succubi mostly, or Demons summoned by conjurers too weak to control them.
-Demon-  A creature that is not of this world.  They come in various shapes and sizes, capable of casting low to mid level Shadow magic.
-Succubus-  Manipulators incarnate, these fiends are said to steal everything from one who falls to their promises.  Power, pleasure, fortune, and fame.  Their temptations sound too good to be true, and that's usually how it ends.  Succubi are known to steal souls from their prey if not appeased with another form of payment for their services.
-ArchFiend-  Powerful demon, usually very large.  Have power over magic and can cast both Shadow and Flame element Spells.

-----Golems-----  Artificially created to serve some purpose.  They are given some level of intellect to function.
-Earthen-  Basic stone golem.  All golems posses a core which powers their body.  Animated by an alchemist, they wield extremely limited robot-like commands of "do this, do that".  They are usually 10' tall or shorter.
-Iron-  Heavier, more defensive golems made of armour or a like-material.  Though they are made of a stronger material, iron is not a good component for magic, and thus commands must be limited even further.  This type of golem is only good for fighting.  These can grow to ~15' tall.
-Obsidian-  These golems have capabilities to preform highly complex functions due to the high-quality of material from which they were made.  They are intelligent and highly durable.
-Adamant-  A very rare type of golem.  This creature is said to be nearly indestructible, though it's inteligence level is nearly as low as the iron-styled golem.  The body of it cannot be destroyed by normal means, and needs to have it's core destroyed in order to initiate a shut-down.
-Diamond-  This golem is only talked about in legend.  Both it's body and it's core are comprised of pure diamond.  It is 1-of-a-kind and is said to be on a sentient level of inteligence.  It's body is indestructible, as is it's core.  It is said to look like a glistening knight.

-----Saurians-----  Worth noting for their size, ferocity, and cunning.  A small group of them could be a serious threat to a kingdom.
-Raptor-  A lizard capable of quick movement and devastating slashing with it's teeth and claws.
-Salamander-  A lizard that lives in volcanic environments.  Said to be related closely to dragons, these creatures breathe fire and are highly resistant to it.  They lack wings or hind legs.  They swim through lava and slither on the ground.
-Drake-  A version of salamander that sports a pair of wings and hind-legs.  They are otherwise indifferent from salamanders.
-Dragon-  A larger, more intelligent creature than Drakes.  They have the ability to speak, though they seem to have distaste for human company and generally choose not to.
-Elder Dragon-  The oldest dragon.  Has a wealth of knowledge beyond most human understanding.  Has been around since ancient times and has seen the ways of man and detests the idea of war.  No one has seen nor heard from this dragon in thousands of years.

-----Undead-----  Those who were dead, but did not remain that way.
-Zombie-  A re-animated corpse driven by instinct.  Mindless, but susceptible to control by magic.
-Fallen-  A re-animated corpse that is given intelligence by it's creator.  May even exhibit memories and personality from it's past life.
-Monstrosity-  A Frankenstein-type monster comprised of body parts from various dead bodies and even animals.
-Thrall-  Human mostly, but cursed by a Vampire's blood all the same.  They are susceptible to mind control by their master and are generally used as slaves.  If pushed, they can become Ghouls to fight for their master.
-Ghoul-  A mindless monster either turned by vampiric blood in one's veins becoming too potent, or triggered by a Vampire's need of a powerful creature to do battle on it's behalf.
-Dhampir-  Contrary to popular belief, humans can not become Vampires, but become these lesser beings when turned.  True Vampires are born, not turned.
-Vampire-  A creature fearful of daylight, they are powerful and noble, possessing great knowledge and even greater dignity.  Rudeness in their presence, no matter how slight, can mean instant death.  Magical and manipulative, their power and cunning is that of legend.
-Lich-  Practitioners of outlawed magics, they have merged their soul to their flesh eternally.  Incapable of truly dying, even if their entire body is destroyed.  Even if obliterated, their dust still holds traces of magic, signifying the presence of a soul.  If destroyed, the dust is collected, then divided to be sealed in separate locations to prevent reformation of the Lich.  Almost guaranteed to be a High Master of magics.


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